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The design approach for the logistics sector forms the foundation of our creative process in the construction field as well. Thanks to our experience with metal structures for the industry, over the years we have succeeded in realising an enriched construction method for residential buildings.

But what is meant by residential architecture? It encompasses all interventions, whether public or private, that have as their objective the construction or transformation of a building with a residential function, whether single-family or multifamily.

The new concept of construction, while embracing this definition and drawing inspiration from solutions used in industrial metal shelving, comes to life through multi-story metal load-bearing structures, all while strictly adhering to anti-seismic and environmental sustainability criteria.

Our construction projects arise from the synergy between the technical department and structural engineers, aimed at defining solutions that meet clients’ demands and the ever-inreasing environmental and technological requirements.

Specifically, we build external walls using cold-formed steel structures, mechanically combined with plates and specific components, allowing the building to absorb seismic forces at its most critical points.

This is an efficient process in terms of functionality as well as economy. Process analyses of construction processes have demonstrated that the time and costs for building a load-bearing structure with a dry system and steel framework are 20% less compared to any traditional system.

The sustainable process of architectural construction

With the dry building construction process, Scaffsystem’s sites carry out work with total safety and simplicity, developing a chain of sustainable architecture that’s entirely tailored to human needs.

Turnkey Residential Constructions provide all the services necessary to ensure the project is completed and ready for client use.

In this smart construction approach, the building envelope and the load-bearing structure represent the core of optimizing the building’s energy performance, fully embodying Scaffsystem’s construction philosophy.

To keep our solutions up-to-date and efficient, we constantly collaborate with the academic world, partnering with research centers and institutes. The focus remains on the evolution of walls, floors, and ceilings, adopting them to ensure advanced energy performance while fully respecting the geographical installation context.

Below are some examples of stratifications on which, through thermal camera examination, functional thermal transmittance values can be observed for calculating the energy performance of buildings. For each project, we provide technicians and designers with a comprehensive array of solutions useful for project analysis, with continuous support from our technical experts.

When defining construction solutions, we prioritize the use of sustainable and natural materials such as:

  • straw;
  • lime;
  • hemp;
  • cork;
  • other wood derivatives.

Environmental sustainability principles are embodied in the steel structure and associated materials, which are 100% recyclable. This attention allows us to clearly convey our ecological message and build an extensive catalog of profiled solutions.

Through careful study of primarily stratified sedimentary rocks, we reconstruct thermal transmittance values, i.e., a material’s capacity to exchange energy and heat. This measurement enables precise calculation of energy performance for the buildings to be constructed.

Our technicians and designers provide clients with a comprehensive set of integrated solutions, encompassing study, design, and implementation, all with full respect for the environment.

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