Solutions for commercial spaces

Space organization in a retail store

Space is a crucial aspect within commercial stores to improve the customer experience, make the work of the staff more efficient and comfortable; this key goal is achieved through the use of specific architectural solutions.

To meet this need, Scaffsystem offers itself as a partner in the reorganization and optimization of retail spaces. From clothing stores to bookshops to grocery stores, the aim is to create a unique, functional, and organized place.

Our experience in the production of metal shelving allows us to closely follow our clients’ projects step by step, starting with analyzing the store’s requirements and ending with the final realization.

We are capable of creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing interior design that aligns with the activities to be performed within it. This involves the creation of shelves that facilitate and improve sales, based on the concepts of sustainability and made in Italy.

Custom counters and shelving for your store

When designing structures for retail spaces, we begin with the main element, namely the counter. The counter is designed to be the focal point for customer interaction, a workspace, and the central area around which all store activities revolve.

Next, we focus on the core structures: the custom-made shelving and iron shelves are customized to meet the store’s specific needs, always emphasizing the enhancement of the retail space. In the event that the available space is limited, we propose utilizing the height of the premises by integrating steel mezzanines and integrating the structures with steel mezzanines generally used in warehouse logistics whilst retaining attention to the brand style.

We contribute to creating an organized and unique environment, facilitating the customer’s shopping experience.

Our solutions are flexible, modular and built to last. Specifically for commercial establishments, we create structures such as:

  • Product display shelving
  • Dividers to create separate areas
  • Shelves of various sizes
  • Angular structures that adapt to the store’s layout

All are meticulously crafted in steel, a versatile, recyclable, and sustainable material. In situations where it is necessary to give prominence to the sales counter, we propose wooden inserts in addition to the traditional metal solutions. These structures are extremely robust and functional, equipped with internal shelves and drawers.

Designing steel structures with experience and simplicity

Our creations are the result of many years of experience in the industry, translated into a series of solutions aimed at implementing an ideal working environment where the aesthetic pleasure of furnishing is combined with improved work processes.

Our technical design office provides clients with a layout that includes the merchandise placement.

We study the spaces based on the available floor space and target customers, so that the products can be displayed in harmony with the environment.

Among the possibilities we offer our clients is the adoption of aesthetically pleasing design solutions, using materials and colors that perfectly integrate with the metal shelving to create a cohesive setting.

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