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Self-supporting structures by Scaffsystem

The design of self-supporting structures aims to meet the demands of handling heavy loads in any field of application, from residential to industrial construction, and other niche sectors such as transportation, hydraulic installations, or the naval industry.

For this reason, self-supporting structures can be designed in various forms:

  • Panels
  • Covers for tanks and reservoirs
  • Curved or flat-shaped purification plants
  • Linings for basins (circular or rectangular).

These modules can be crucial for key functions such as automatic closing and/or opening, depending on the requirements.

Scaffsystem relies on a technical team capable of developing any customized self-supporting structure solution for industrial plants, able to analyze and anticipate the operational issues typical of the logistics sector.

Self-supporting structures designed for industrial plants

The purpose of these structures is to facilitate new solutions for utilizing and optimizing space. For this reason, we have developed everlasting shelving systems that can also serve as actual self-supporting structures for the construction of canopies, awnings and warehouses.

All these structures are designed to withstand the stresses of storing goods, as well as weather conditions (snow, wind), using special bracing and connection systems.

For warehouses built using these techniques, there is no need to construct any prefabricated concrete structure: the same vertical uprights of industrial shelving, equipped with suitable bracing, perform the load-bearing function of curtain walls and roofing.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we can customize and profile our steel structures for all customer requirements.

Intended uses for industrial warehouses

Sustainability, lightness and earthquake-proofing are the main features guaranteed for all Scaffsystem industrial warehouses. Another fundamental aspect is their transversal use, as they can be positioned towards different industrial sectors.

The offer foresees the possibility of realizing:

  • agricultural steel buildings;
  • large-scale retail warehouses;
  • turnkey formula buildings for distribution logistics;
  • other uses.

Once the design and processing phase of the profile is completed, the offered solutions will allow you to achieve a safe building within a few days of construction. A time frame that couldn’t be guaranteed with a reinforced concrete construction, because its characteristics and performance could potentially be affected by the uncertain weather conditions, requirement for deep foundations, and all the consequent disadvantages that our system promises to overcome.

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