Scaffsystem doesn’t just operate in the fields of Logistics and Architecture, but also in the Design one with its brand Officine Tamborrino and the House[Tree] glamping modules.

Officine Tamborrino: Steel furnishings and accessories

Officine Tamborrino is the creative heart of Scaffsystem, which has allowed the company to expand into the field of interior design. The company designs and produces metal furnishings, combining the Made in Italy typical aesthetic with the know-how acquired in the field of architectural structures.

A brand with a history dating back to 1957, when Vincenzo Tamborrino opened the first artisanal steel workshop. In 2012, Scaffsystem decided to look back at that dimension of craftsmanship and create a design line to bring it back to life.

Currently, Officine Tamborrino represents the perfect blend between the most recent technology and the manual attention to detail, by employing the solidity, stability, and lightness of the steel.

Dettaglio Libreria Officine Tamborrino


A collection of living modules that absolutely affirms the concept of “being in Nature” through solutions designed by The Ne[s]t studio and dedicated to glamping.

These modules are connected and integrated through an intelligent digital network, powered by renewable sources.

In fact, the tree is the real protagonist of this architecture, not only as a simple natural scenery of the composition, but as a real one natural infrastructure for climate control and for the well-being of the guests.

House [Tree] is the most creative implementation of the Scaffsystem structures, where the team of Officine Tamborrino curated the interior design of the modules.

The boundary between tourism, smart working, or contemplation becomes invisible, in favor of a fluid and sustainable hospitality. These are solutions adaptable to any scenario, whether it be Mediterranean, alpine or urban.

Moduli Glamping House Tree | Scaffsystem

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