To transform innovative ideas in sustainable projects to make steel solutions the future of architecture and logistics

The space has a value, the space is a value. Since its very beginning in 1957, Scaffsystem’s goal has been to give value to space, be it residential or industrial, private or professional space, putting people and their needs at the centre, combining quality and functionality from the design phase to the ultimate product, directing prescribers and customers towards technical solutions that are always at the forefront.

Research and innovation

Scaffsystem is a company that has always invested in research and innovation, starting from its human resources: designers and technicians, through a continuous analysis, bring competence and professionality in every execution, synonymous of reliability for the customer who finds and recognize a culture of the project at 360 degrees.

The investment is not focused exclusively on human capital but also extends to the most advanced software and machinery, anticipating and interpreting the needs and challenges of the constantly evolving target market.

Even in regard to the steel processing methods, Scaffsystem combines partnership with worldwide known universities, involving young researchers and important market players to experiment with new design techniques and to study new materials and components

RIcerca e Innovazione | Scaffsystem
RIcerca e Innovazione | Scaffsystem


Sustainability is a key value for Scaffsystem and also a necessary parameter to increase company performances.

With this in mind, the firm decision was to raise its product standard by obtaining international certifications, aiming to initiate a concrete ecological transition and at the same time consolidating its competitiveness on the theme of the circular economy and carbon foot-print.

Scaffsystem business has always been based on the design and production of modular systems which can be replicated and expanded even at a later stage. Theattes vitality of this system answers in an innate way to the principle of the 3Rs: reducing waste, reusing and recycling resources and products.

Scaffsystem is attentive to the environmental impact of the factory, in compliance with the ESG criteria present in its value proposition, and invests in renewable energy and smart steel processing, without sacrificing the safety of the product certified, among the others, by the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

The social commitment of Scaffsystem

Scaff System promotes cultural activities on the territory, opening its doors to the community for book presentations, theatre shows and exhibitions of contemporary art, promoting the development and growth of the new generations toward these themes.

In 2020, the creation of SOU X OSTUNI Officine Tamborrino, the school of architecture for children, which takes up the model born in Favara, is another accomplishment that Scaff System made in its corporate social responsibility path, aimed at training the generation of tomorrow within the company, highlighting the strong bond with people and with the growth of the territory.

The company’s goal is to combine technological progress with a pro-active and dynamic connection with languages of other worlds.

At a governance level, the mission is to continuously improve the corporate value chain, creating lean inter-departmental processes through the creation of small excellence teams within the production and design process, which spontaneously favour the lean approach to work and increase innovation.

The future of the company

Growth, profit and competitiveness determinate the success of Scaff System.

Ethics, respect and sustainability make it a successful company.

These are the bases on which Scaff System looks to the future, bringing together its own history: a reality ready to build large projects, to carry out important works in its business areas with the best possible solutions. All this in an inclusive environment where the daily sharing of objectives, results and values takes place.

In the company, technical and transversal skills coexist and contaminate each other. This formula allows to analyse and develop projects of a complex nature in the world of architecture and logistics, ranging from the design of steel structures for residential, commercial and industrial use, to the world of warehouse automation through strategic partnerships with leading companies in the industry.