Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Scaffsystem is an industrial company founded in Ostuni in 1957, configuring itself as a protagonist of a growth path that has led it to become one of the leading players on the national and international market in the production of steel solutions for logistics and architecture. Our technical department meets the needs of designers and customers on a daily basis in the study of effective and cutting-edge solutions, in terms of technical characteristics and value for money for the world of logistics and for the implementation of construction projects.


The Logistics division offers its customers solutions for the optimization of space inside the warehouses and for better management of goods and their flows in storage. These are different proposals for solutions based on the company’s core business: industrial metal shelving, mezzanines, cantilever systems for the storage of long materials, automatic warehouses and self-supporting structures for warehouses with a high density of goods to be stored.

The other division of Scaffsystem is the one dedicated to the world of construction in which structural steel solutions are designed and produced for industrial and residential architecture. The overall construction lightness, eco-sustainability, assembly speed, cyclical use and anti-seismic safety represent the innovation values ​​of the dry construction system developed by Scaffsystem. Among the most innovative projects for residential architecture, Mechano Steel Frame stands out as a perfect synergy between construction and sustainability.

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1957, Ostuni (Italy)

The Tamborrino Mechanical Workshop moved in 1957 to its new headquarters (current location of Scaffsystem) in Ostuni on a covered area of ​​about 1500 square meters.

Employed by Mr. Vincenzo Tamborrino there are over 40 workers, mostly blacksmiths who make fixtures, gates and building structures with installations throughout Puglia and in some neighboring regions. The metal shelf is still an unknown entity in the surroundings, and the first prototype is personally made by Mr. Vincenzo with passion and ingenuity and is immediately a success.

So, he began to set up a small production line, with entirely manual processes. At first the shelf is bolted only, then comes the interlocking one by means of hooks and later also a specific model for the spare parts sector.

Storia 1957 | Officine Tamborrino
Storia 1957 | Officine Tamborrino

1960s - 1970s

The shelf has now become the flagship product of the company, the first relationships with retailers are undertaken and the production volume increases considerably.

At this point, once again, the entrepreneurial ability of Mr. Vincenzo is manifested in his gaze aimed at the innovation of production systems and techniques. In recent years, the company has made major investments in production equipment, including a punching line for tubes produced by EDEL, Stuttgart, which allows the creation of the first shelves for shops with a cantilevered shelf system.

When Mr. Vincenzo is not in the company or with some client, he travels in Italy and around the world to visit trade fairs to satisfy his tireless thirst for knowledge and his aim at new solutions.

Storia 1960-1970 | Scaffsystem
Storia 1960-1970 | Scaffsystem


The range of products expands with new solutions, including the first industrial shelving systems aimed at the storage of pallets and heavy materials.

Many products are available for immediate delivery and therefore there is no longer enough space. So, it started the construction of an additional new shed on an area of ​​1600 square meters.

Mr. Vincenzo found support in his sons Giusi, Annamaria and Licio, who enter the company, giving new impetus to the company’s business.

The arrival of the latters coincides with the birth of the current company name, Scaffsystem, which expresses the new image of the company.

Storia 1960-1970 | Scaffsystem
Anni 80 | Scaffsystem


This is the decade of the company’s transition from an artisan enterprise to an industrial enterprise.

In recent years, the company has undergone a radical transformation, starting from the commercial structure, thanks to the creation of a national sales network.

Production is in continuous development, increasing the company’s potential more and more with the construction of a new structure of about 2500 square meters intended for production and over 600 square meters for offices and exhibition showrooms.

Two new production lines are installed, one for industrial shelving and the other for the production of medium-range shelves.

Anni 90 | Scaffsystem
Anni 90 | Scaffsystem


The company has now acquired considerable visibility on the national market and is undertaking new collaborative relationships with foreign countries, thanks to resellers and agents who demonstrate their appreciation in the quality of the product made by Scaffsystem and the excellent service provided.

Its technical quality translates into terms of safety and research. For example, the Polytechnic of Bari is entrusted with a series of checks on the main products, aimed at testing their resistance and field of application.

From a production point of view, Structura is introduced as a new construction system for the mezzanines production. This system in a few years will lead the company to be among the leaders in Italy for this type of realizations and will allow it to propose itself for the construction of complex structural systems.

A new division dedicated to design is also born with the Officine Tamborrino brand that recalls the origins, but at the same time looks to the future.

Anni 2000 | Scaffsystem
Anni 2000 | Scaffsystem

Today and the future

The Structura construction system meets the interest of designers and construction companies, thanks to its high-performance solutions compared to traditional systems. Thanks to the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milano, research and development activities are intensified, with particular attention to green construction.

In 2020, the system integrates with the Knauf building envelope giving life to Mechano Steel Frame, a technologically advanced dry construction solution for residential, social and commercial construction projects.

In the Logistics sector, thanks to the synergies developed with system Integrators and the major manufacturers of automated technologies, the aim is to create increasingly complex and automated warehouses. The company therefore enters the era of industry 4.0 and, at the same time, enriches its identity with constant attention to collaborations and synergies, culture and associations that care about the social growth of the territories.

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Strutture in acciaio | Scaffsystem