High Density

Scaffalature ad alta densità | Scaffsystem

Metal shelving for high density

Among these methodologies, there are high-density systems for storage, or the construction of steel structures for all those customers that need to move and manage a large number of goods, but do not have adequate square footage available.

Scaffsystem manages to prepare custom-made metal shelves, eliminating the need for tiers or other bulky elements, while creating highly functional systems for the management of goods.

The most important advantage linked with the use of these systems is the removal of aisles in order to obtain the most optimized and beneficial use of clear spaces in warehouses. We provide the following specific solutions:

  • DRIVE-IN storage systems
  • GRAVITY FLOW storage systems (F.I.F.O. type)
  • Sloping storage systems (L.I.F.O. type)
  • Storage systems equipped with automated shuttles
Scaffalature ad alta densità | Scaffsystem
Sistemi di stoccaggio alta densità
Scaffalature a elevata movimentazione | Scaffsystem
Magazzini a elevata rotazione di merci | Scaffsystem

Scaffsystem act an all-round partner for companies and logistics professionals

Our technical department moves from the analysis of customers’ needs and takes into account their operational cycles, their requirements in terms of productivity, the temperature mapping of storage areas and the handling equipment used in order to provide the best technical and economical storage solution based upon their specific business sector.

Scaffalature ad alta densità | Scaffsystem
Scaffalature ad alta densità | Scaffsystem