Industrial Construction

Our Constructions for Industry

Industrial construction encompasses all works carried out for public or private companies in various sectors, such as commercial and logistics. A concrete example includes industrial warehouses and office mezzanines.

In today’s industrial construction, it is essential to consider not only functional aspects but also meet stringent aesthetic and, above all, environmental sustainability requirements.

The iron structures of the Structura Series

While historically representing our company’s core business, metal shelving has enabled Scaffsystem to develop an industrial design and construction methodology called Structura. The choice of this term stems from the use of systems composed of modular metal shelves that, by their nature, are fully recyclable and adaptable to any situation and size.

For industrial construction, we undertake significant projects, utilizing some components also used in the logistics sector, such as:

  • modular mezzanines
  • self-supporting structures
  • canopies
  • cantilevered roofs
  • carports
  • industrial warehouses
  • photovoltaic systems

Structura allows the creation of architectural installations with cantilevered and radial elements, providing extensive application possibilities. Our creations in industrial architecture ensure full compliance with quality and safety criteria.

The company’s vision goes beyond conventional metalwork, as our construction projects offer the main advantage of structural lightness, seismic design, and profile standardization. This approach guarantees maximum flexibility in assembly and disassembly, allowing for site layout adjustments and a significant reduction in costs and time, ultimately benefiting the client.

The construction methodology described above avoids the need for additional partners throughout the design, production, and installation process, ensuring maximum quality adherence, including from an environmental perspective.

architettura - edilizia industriale
architettura - edilizia industriale
architettura - edilizia industriale
architettura - edilizia industriale

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