Mechano Steel Frame

Mechano Steel Frame

Mechano is a system intended for civil and commercial construction, which takes form from the steel structures of Scaffsystem and unites them with advanced and sustainable building envelope systems. The two elements create a dry construction solution for residential, social, and industrial building projects.

This integration represents the most innovative technology for building insulation, capable of ensuring excellent thermal, acoustic, and fire resistance performance. Furthermore, the functionality and safety of the project guarantees the perfect balance between the external environment and internal comfort.

Mechano Steel Frame, unlike traditional construction methods, perfectly embodies the intention of sustainable architecture, thanks to its ability to meet high performance standards. Its applications are numerous:

  • seismic safety;
  • architectural durability and sustainability;
  • optimization of lead times;
  • optimization of site management;
  • reduced use of resources;
  • partial recyclability of end-of-life materials.
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Scaffsystem Steel Solutions

Scaffsystem’s structural steel solutions allow designers and construction companies to use an advanced and flexible construction system, in line with the most updated regulations regarding structural design and building calculations in seismic areas.

These steel constructions provide solutions to the issues of how to build earthquake-proof buildings, by employing bolted joints, suitable bracing, and expansion joints as part of the structural materials. All elements integrate perfectly into the Mechano system.

To allow for the passage of MEPs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), profiles are pre-drilled and cold-formed. They can be finished with zinc plating (sendzimir or hot-dip galvanized) or painted with epoxy powder, and are characterized by a wide range of sections.

These sections can have variable heights and thicknesses depending on the loads, spans, and other technical characteristics relevant to provide maximum flexibility and adaptability to the original architectural design.

The lightness of steel structures

The cold shaping of the pre-drilled profiles makes the structure particularly seismically responsive. These modules are 20% to 30% lighter in weight than traditional carpentry. This is the main aspect to bear in mind when designing earthquake-resistant constructions.

The aesthetics of Mechano architecture

Mechano Steel Frame structures are suitable for residential and commercial projects. The perforation of the beams guarantees perfect integration with the installations and total adaptability of the system.

Adaptability of the Mechano Steel Frame system

Steel construction systems meet all functional and architectural requirements, as well as all possible modifications, which are usually carried out during the construction phase, and usually established at the design stage already, and ultimately dictated by the intended use. This customisation favours optimal management of infills, which today play a decisive role in energy efficiency.

System certification and security

The Mechano Steel Frame system makes it possible to realise installations in full compliance with the regulations in force, guaranteeing, following precise calculation reports, the acquisition of UNI 1090-2 certification, with execution class EXC3.

Structural and Seismic Safety

The safety of metal constructions is closely related to the very characteristics of steel:

  • elasticity;
  • strength;
  • lightness;
  • ductility.

These characteristics result in a seismic-resistant construction system, capable of achieving a high level of energy dissipation under the effect of seismic actions.

Vantaggi Mechano
Vantaggi Mechano
Vantaggi Mechano

Why choose Mechano Steel Frame

Opting for the Mechano Steel Frame construction system means choosing a high-performance structure over any other system, as it guarantees:

  • structural lightness and lower production costs;
  • faster and cheaper construction;
  • adaptability to existing plants and footprint;
  • maximum thermal-acoustic performance;
  • maximum control of thermal bridges;
  • unmatched versatility and energy efficiency.

The versatility and modularity of our system makes Scaffsystem the ideal partner for designers in the realisation of both civil and industrial constructions, providing the expertise of our qualified technical team.

The history and experience of our projects allow us to affirm today that dry construction in steel means thinking about the future and the new generations, as any structure can be reused, in fact steel is an infinitely and 100% recyclable material.

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