Micro-Receptivity: The House[Tree] Project

Micro-Receptivity: The House[Tree] Project

Housing modules for glamping, designed by The Ne[s]t studio under the supervision of architect Paolo Scoglio. The House[Tree] project represents the most creative implementation of Scaffsystem – Officine Tamborrino structures, using materials derived from nature. All are connected and integrated with an intelligent digital network powered by renewable sources.

It is a collection of architectures that unequivocally affirms “being in Nature” to live unforgettable experiences, in which the boundary between tourism, smart working or contemplation becomes invisible, in favor of fluid and sustainability-conscious hospitality.

The Tree at the Center of Glamping

The tree is the true protagonist of this glamping architecture, not only as a simple natural backdrop to the composition but as a real infrastructure capable of managing climate control and guest well-being. The idea is to match the appropriate tree to the climatic scenario, even if, in the case of native trees, it is possible to evaluate planting them.

A similar concept applies to the interiors, where the presence of the tree literally dominates, passing inside the module, visible from both the living area and the bathroom.

House[Tree]: No Installation Limits

The House[Tree] module adapts to any scenario, from the Mediterranean, with the presence of olive or maritime pine trees, to the alpine with larch or birch trees, without excluding the urban context with the presence of maple or sweetgum trees. Three types of solutions are provided, including Small, Medium, and Large, visible in the brochure and compatible with any type of environment.

In cases where vegetation does not include these tree types, the module may also provide tree supply. The attention to detail and interior design is taken care of by the Officine Tamborrino team, which identifies pure material finishes for each type: plaster, resin, wood, and furniture with sophisticated design, completing a truly unique decor.

Advantages of House[Tree]

  • Wind and solar control
  • Air purification
  • Oxygenation
  • Natural shading
  • CO2 fixation
  • Reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Sustainable production and recycling of end-of-life materials

With this collection of modules, the idea is to unequivocally affirm the revolutionary vision of “being in Nature.” The glamping camping module transforms into an object of pure design, bio-inspired, and declinable in a family of seemingly unique specimens that share a common genome: being containers of unforgettable experiences, in which the boundary between tourism and smart-working becomes invisible for the contemporary Digital Nomad who is attentive to sustainability.

The First Installation: Moroseta House[Tree]

The first hospitality module, presented at SIA 2022, was designed for MOROSETA, a charming B&B near Ostuni (BR), immersed in five hectares of organic olive groves with a sea view. The olive tree is the main feature of the Moroseta House[Tree] structure, located around two century-old trees not far from the Masseria, allowing for a new housing solution in Homes mode.

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