Social commitment

Social commitment

Scaffsystem's social commitment

“My factory is a factory without gates, without fences, a factory that everyone can feel a little bit his own. It is a real place that you would not have imagined, at most you would have dreamt of it. It works 24 hours a day because there is always someone who is thinking about it or working with it in some way.

A factory where workers do not work for the factory but with it, in which everyone brings their thoughts, their path and their vision and in return receives a piece of the factory, a role, a reason for being. The factory is open; it receives and welcomes, listens and speaks in a space where art finds its expression and the community comes together, a space where everyone can dream a little. In the factory, young people come to nourish themselves on hope and a touch of madness. In the factory one simply builds, otherwise what kind of factory is it?”

Licio Tamborrino (from the correspondence with the master designer Alessandro Guerriero)

Scaffsystem for social responsibility

At the heart of Scaffsystem’s planning is the pursuit of sustainability in its various forms of expression. On the ground, this quest is expressed with a strong social and cultural sensitivity.

The conviction is that the strategic levers on which to build our future are young people and their education, a crucial topic on which the company is constantly committed to promoting and cultivating excellence, guiding young people in their studies, and ensuring the continuity of their paths and development.

Scaffsystem in this sense has been involved for years in school-work alternation projects and, in collaboration with Polidesign, is a promoter and supporter of the Crea Summer Academy in Ostuni, a consortium of seven European universities, put together to allow 30 students from all over Europe to train in transversal skills that will enable them to develop their own start-up projects.

In 2020, Scaffsystem opened the SOUXOstuni Officine Tamborrino, the architecture school for children branded SOU by Farm Cultural Park. It is the first in Puglia, the second in Italy, and the third in the world.

The school’s mission is to stimulate reflection, design and action by the younger generations for the betterment of society, but also to promote and educate values of acceptance, participation, tolerance, solidarity, generosity and social commitment.

SOUXOstuni is committed to stimulating children to freedom of thought, the magic of creativity, the desire to make the impossible possible, and to realize their dreams.

In recent years, Scaffsystem has supported many social and welfare projects, such as the construction of the Papagaio Nutritional Centre in New Guinea, the future Occhi Azzurri Rehabilitation Centre, and the technical support for Made in Carcere and Xfood social projects in Puglia.

Nel sociale | Scaffsystem
Nel sociale | Scaffsystem

The promotion of culture

For years, the company has been organizing high-level cultural events in its production spaces, such as the “Librinfabbrica” exhibition, attended by, Minister Franceschini, De Bortoli and Carlo Cottarelli among many others, as well as international training and study events, plus contemporary art exhibitions.

The Ostuni factory is thus transformed into a place of culture production and open thinking and sharing for the city.

Nel sociale | Scaffsystem