Logistics Mezzanines

Industrial mezzanines for warehouse management

Our extensive experience in the field of metal shelving has allowed us to perfect the details of implementating projects aimed at improving and optimizing available space, such as the creation of automated warehouses. This involves the construction of metallic and modular logistics mezzanines, which is useful for increasing available capacity and floorspace.

The construction of mezzanines for warehouses with variable loads of up to 1,000 kg per square meter and spans that ensure significant open space, demonstrates our proven application of the acquired know-how.

The work is carried out by a team of expert structural engineers who design steel mezzanines using the most advanced design software. They verify compliance with the required loads, in accordance with current seismic regulations, based on the loads and the installation location.

Each project is carefully planned out, taking into account every detail, such as the existing systems on the premises, making integration practical and aesthetically seamless and perfectly aligned with production needs.

The goal is to be the main interlocutor for companies facing space and work reorganization with strict priorities:

  • safety
  • functionality
  • design

Furthermore, companies that choose our constructions benefit from the capability of our modular mezzanine construction, such as printed assembly squares inserted between the primary and secondary structure, which do not require on-site welding and allow for easy future expansions because they are modular. This construction methodology reflects the comprehensive and meticulous nature of Scaffsystem projects from every perspective.

In terms of aesthetics, the finishes can blend with the surrounding environment, offering options such as painting in different colors or simply a Sendzimir galvanization that is perfectly suited for industrial applications.

Soppalchi per logistica | Scaffsystem
Soppalchi per logistica | Scaffsystem

Metal Mezzanines: Technical Features

The components of industrial metal mezzanines for logistics are always made of steel, using suitable sections, thicknesses, and specific profiles tailored to the design and requirements expressed by the customer.

This comprehensive and customized approach has facilitated the development of numerous projects aimed at rationalizing warehouse spaces for companies, giving rise to vertical load-bearing structures consisting of box columns made from two “C”-shaped profiles coupled together and equipped with appropriate plates for connecting the horizontal load-bearing structure or normal profiles in certain cases.

The composition of these modular logistics mezzanines includes special perforated beams (which easily allow for the passage of utilities) and cold-formed, sigma-shaped profiles designed in the Structura architectural line for the industrial architecture sector, in which Scaffsystem is positioned as one of the leading players.

It is an innovative, secure, and process-oriented construction system supported by the company’s extensive experience in metal construction and professionals who are always up-to-date with the most modern building systems.

Soppalchi per logistica | Scaffsystem

Industrial metal mezzanines to enhance space

As previously stated, functionality and streamlining of storage processes are paramount in the construction of industrial mezzanines. Another aspect that is just as important is represented in the design. That is why we offer a wide range of solutions derived from architecture; compositions designed to adapt to the needs of warehouse logistics and created with finishes according to their specific use.

Numerous projects have been implemented with this perspective, capable of providing a perfect combination of design and workflow improvement, such as:

  • Mezzanines for warehouses
  • Organization of shopping centers
  • Shelving systems for stores
  • Showroom construction

These listed examples are all workspaces that require constant improvement in terms of speed and methodologies, but where aesthetic value cannot be disregarded. The goal is to enhance the working life of employees and represent the company’s culture.

For this reason, in our designs, we create actual furnishing elements that are fully functional for warehousing actions.


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