Public and private housing with Scaffsystem

Scaffsystem is a leading company in the design and production of metal load-bearing structures for one-storey or multi-storey buildings in residential and industrial sectors with antiseismic criteria.

Our technical department works along with our structural engineers to define the draft project for clients, by focusing on the most adequate solutions in terms of energy efficiency over time. Our cold-formed steel profiles are equipped with plates and specific components for assembly in order to guarantee mechanical joints to face seismic loads in the most critical points.

All technical and economical comparisons show that timing and costs for the production of loadbearing structures with dry construction methods and our Structura system are inferior by 20% approximately, if compared with traditional construction methods and materials. Moreover, we need to underline the presence of a much safer and simpler work activity on site for all workers involved.

The sustainable process of architectural construction

Thanks to the cooperation with its partners, Scaffsystem has created a global supply chain for sustainable building, a specialised work team that is at our side to design and build turnkey onestorey and multi-storey solutions for residential and industrial buildings, designed with anti-seismicand energy-saving criteria.

The choice of the right wall system and related cladding to be combined with our steel load-bearing structure is really crucial, as it is linked with the thermal performance improvement of the building. That’s why we always focus on the work with scientific partners such as universities, research centres and institutes, to analyse and define the right framing and cladding for walls, flooring, ceilings to obtain the uppermost energy-saving performances according to the specific site of installation.

On this page we show some examples of composite frame systems, used for testing thermal performances of the buildings.
Our commitment is to provide designers and technicians with a wide range of specific panels solutions for their projects, plus the constant support of a dedicated team within our corporate group.



Our technicians do prefer choosing natural and sustainable materials such as straw, lime, hemp, cork and similar materials for closedpanel framings. This choice strengthens the sustainable identity of our construction method, starting from its steel load-bearing structure and going further with the materials chosen for closed-panel framings and claddings, to provide a 100% recyclable system in compliance with the most upto- date standards for sustainability.

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