Scaffsystem for Kramp: the multi-tier warehouse for goods management.

In Reggio Emilia, at the site of Kramp, a Dutch multinational described as the “Amazon of agricultural spare parts”, a new multi-tier warehouse was designed for the management and distribution of goods ready for delivery.

Currently, the Kramp Group is the largest European distributor of spare parts and accessories for the agriculture, gardening and earthmoving sectors, with over 330,000 products available, 11 distribution centers and 22 sales offices throughout Europe.

The choice of Scaffsystem as a logistics partner was born from the company’s need to create a lean and efficient supply chain.

As Licio Tamborrino, CEO of Scaffsystem explains, this logistics center represents an interesting set-up integrated between automation systems and manual handling, developed on different levels.

The construction phases of the Kramp automatic warehouse

The design of the automatic warehouse consisted in three phases:

The construction of a triple elevation plant with an area of ​​over 1700 square meters and a height of approximately 11 meters, using Scaffsystem’s Amtoblok profiles, shelving made up of 26,000 special ad hoc beams, and claddings designed specifically for the project.

The creation of an industrial mezzanine of around 1000 square meters, divided into three elevations (plus ground level) with the use of pre-drilled beams, peculiarity of Scaffsystem’s Structura system. This mezzanine, communicating with another area of ​​the building and the different elevations of the plant, made it possible to allocate the conveyor system supplied by KNAPP, a provider of intelligent automation solutions for logistics.

The construction of the pallet racking area, also built with the Amtoblok system, intended for internal logistics and for the loading and unloading of goods managed by VNA trolleys, with electromagnetic guidance. The racking covers an area of ​​over 3700 square meters. Some sections host particular shelves dedicated to the storage of long or shaped profiles, such as windows and windshields.

The advantage of the Kramp automatic warehouse.

Sigismondo Ferrante, Scaffsystem’s export manager, explains the steps for the construction of the automatic warehouse of Kramp and the advantage of its implementation.

Thanks to the realization of this project, the Dutch multinational confirms its leadership in technical spare parts and accessories for the agricultural sector, expanding not only in the European market but also in the international one.

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