Eceplast The Iconic Bridge

YEAR: 2019
CUSTOMER: Eceplast – Sustainable Packaging Innovators
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Italia; Troia (FG)
PROJECT TEAM: Cibelli + Guadagno Architetti
PECULIARITY: Aerial connection structure between two existing buildings

Steel structures to improve space

The Iconic Bridge is a vertical and functional distribution system with a strong recognizability and that identifies the core business of Eceplast, a leader in bulk packaging sector and in particular in that of liner bags, a new internal coating system for containers and the safe transport and loading and unloading of food and non-food products. The supporting structure is made entirely with the “Structura” system. The strong adaptability of this construction system to the existing systems and dimensions played an important role in the project.


The “Structura” system

Once the “Structura” load-bearing structure was hoisted and the roof was made with sandwich panels, the infill and flooring systems were assembled, all rigorously with dry systems. In particular, for infill panels, corrugated metal panels have been manufactured and, assembled together, have recreated the typical image of the container.