Agusta Westland

YEAR: 2015
CUSTOMER: Agusta Westland
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Vergiate (VA)
PROJECT TEAM: ing. Raffaele Divino – ing. Angelo Maiolino
PARTNERS: Fata Logistic
PECULIARITY: Multi-tier self-sustaining shelving

Agusta Westland is a Company of the Leonardo group (formerly Finmeccanica) and is among the main helicopter manufacturers in the world with a great tradition and the most advanced production technologies. As part of a process of transferring its warehouse from Lonate to Vergiate offices, a space has been designed to accommodate all the external supply components to be mounted on the helicopters to be manufactured. These materials are of different types and sizes, therefore an in-depth study of the layout of the new warehouse was required, which envisages three fundamental storage systems: Pallet racking for the storage of materials on pallets; Cantilever shelving for the storage of long and bulky materials; Picking shelving for the storage of loose materials or in cartons.


Surfaces and lead times

The picking system is the most important in terms of size and characteristics, spread over a surface area of 1500 square meters with three levels of walking surfaces above ground up to a height of 7200 mm. The storage shelves in height are 16, with a capacity of kg. 500/sqm; operator access to the various gangways is allowed by means of 6 stairs and a freight elevator, whereas materials are brought to the floors through special tilting gates.The project has been particularly challenging since its construction timing were particularly tiny and planned to allow the transfer of materials from the old to the new warehouse without jeopardazing the normal activity of the plant.