Pallet racks

stoccaggio portapallet

Pallet racks are the ideal solution for storing palletized items according to height clearances available.

Our wide range of sizes, sections of the components and thicknesses for the steel profiles and related accessories covers all storage needs and requirements of the industrial sectors.
Our storage structures are designed according to antiseismic criteria, storage building dimensions, technical specifications of the loading units and of the handling equipment involved, such as forklift trucks and special trucks. Optionally, our pallet racks can easily be equipped panels for all manual storage needs.

Due to the heavy heights and heavy loads of storage units involved, this type of storage systems often requires high performance values in terms of mechanical and physical features of the related components.
That is why we defined a special range of steel profiles available in various sections and dimensions to provide our customers with frames that guarantee up to 25.000 kgs and beams that guarantee up to 5.000 kgs in termsof load capacity. Pallet racks are then anchored to the ground by means of industrial bolts by using the related baseplates on each upright.

stoccaggio portapallet
stoccaggio portapallet


is a must for Scaffsystem,

that is why we provide our clients with storage systems equipped with a whole series of safety accessories such as single/double row protectors, upright protectors, pallet stoppers, row spacers etc. Moreover, each beam is provided with an anti-slippery surface and the maximum load capacity indication printed on it, plus a special 9-pins beamupright connector for increased safety in terms of structural

stoccaggio portapallet

For storing non-palletized items or non-standard loading units, we can provide special pallet racking systems equipped with several accessories:

  • galvanized metal shelf panels in several thicknesses and widths, optionally provided in perforated version when fire safety systems are involved;
  • welded wire mesh panels for increased performance in case of concentrated loads;
  • transverse and longitudinal crossbars for an optimized load distribution and to ensure storage of pallet units of various sizes.