Steel has been our loyal companion and partner from the early beginnings. We work it and constantly transform it to ensure new shapes and applications related to its use. Certainly, its most important application lies in holding structures, as experienced by our technical staff and departments as well, when designing and producing the structures requested by our customers; and every single structure that goes out of our factory previously needs to be tested according to the strictest safety standards and regulations to always ensure the most up-to-date solutions in the field.

Every year we produce hundreds of structures and frameworks which are then installed everywhere in Italy and beyond. Most of them are mezzanine floors with various load capacities, but then you’ll also find top coverings, entire buildings and warehousing units, self-sustaining shelving systems and, more recently, also supporting and sustaining structures for photovoltaic panels.

We are increasingly cooperating with qualified engineers and architects and with professional associations both on small and big construction projects, where each time we can employ our enthusiasm and passion for work, as well as our growing experience and technology expertise.