Knauf and Scaffsystem present Mechano Steel Frame

Knauf and Scaffsystem present Mechano Steel Frame


The two market-leading companies establish a valuable partnership for the development of ever lighter and more modular construction technologies.

Scaffsystem and Knauf present MECHANO STEEL FRAME, a dry construction system with a steel bearing structure resulting from the strategic partnership between the two companies that aims to promote increasingly high-performance, evolved and comfortable building technologies.

“This partnership between market leaders has made it possible to develop an even more technically performing dry construction solution, capable of reducing costs, assembly and application times, ideal for integration into architecturally complex modular projects – says Roberto Nava, Sales Manager of Knauf Italia – Scaffsystem structures with punctual vertical elements guarantee maximum architectural freedom, flexibility on the internal configurations of the buildings that allow the perfect integration with systems of all types and great construction adaptability. For all these aspects – concludes Nava – the solutions with Mechano Steel Framewill bring great opportunities to all the players in our supply chain”.

The market impact on seismic proof buildings is very strong, with the already performing Knauf solutions that will integrate with those of Scaffsystem in line with the most up-to-date rules and regulations on the design and structural calculation of buildings in seismic-danger areas.

“Our construction system offers multiple application possibilities and meets the most varied structural needs in the world of steel constructions” – says Licio Tamborrino, CEO of Scaffsystem – “The partnership with Knauf has allowed us to offer to the market a complete and  technologically advanced solution, capable of optimizing construction and assembly processes, as well as reducing time and costs at the same time ”- concludes Licio Tamborrino.

Scaffsystem is an industrial reality born in 1957, protagonist of a growth path that has led it to become one of the top players on the national and international market for the production of storage systems, structures for industrial logistics, structural solutions for architecture and buildings. New needs and sensitivities have led to renewed system applications, today the protagonists of an architecture that encompasses aesthetics, ecology and anti-seismic safety. The experience accumulated over the years and the continuous research and development activities allow the company to deal with ever new and more complex projects, providing the client with maximum support in terms of design, site management and after-sales assistance.

Knauf Italia

The leader in construction for healthy, safe and comfortable environments (
Knauf Italia, the national headquarters of the German parent company Knauf Gips KG, a world leader in the construction sector, was founded in 1977. Being a production hub supporting the Italian construction market, has two factories in Tuscany, for the production of dry and gypsum-based plasters. Knauf Italia, thanks to its undisputed primacy in dry construction, is today a solid point of reference for operators in the sector and end users.
In parallel with the continuous development and production of innovative solutions for dry curtain walls, ceilings, flooring, insulation and plasters, Knauf invests heavily in training with the Multi-functional centers of Milan and Pisa, which offer a wide range of training courses, seminars and dedicated services to Italian construction professionals.

The proposal of advanced building systems, attention to training, partnerships with Universities and designers are the strengths of a company that is always at first line in offering cutting-edge technological solutions also in terms of eco-compatibility.