Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development is crucial for Scaffsystem

both in terms of innovation of the production processes and product.
Research activities aimed at developing new solutions for logistics and architecture are carried out in cooperation with research departments of Universities, scientific centres and labs, other enterprises and institutes.

Our technical department then goes forward with development phases to give a more concrete and economical dimension to research intuitions.

Some examples? First of all green-building, where we can provide housing solutions for residential or temporary uses including modular stylish load-bearing steel structures to be completed with cladding and walls made of sustainable materials such as lime/hemp, wood, glass, stone to provide energy-saving configurations.

These solutions are also aimed at providing cost-effective timing for transport, assembly / dismantling operations to give concrete advantages to clients and partners in comparison with traditional construction methods.

Then there is safety in terms of anti-seismic design: we do create focus groups with professionals such as architects, engineers and technicians in order to obtain optimized solutions by using a transverse approach that can lead to the use of adequate cross-bracings or special steels with higher yield strengths.

Scaffsystem is constantly engaged in research about advanced materials and is investing heavily in the area to provide higher standards of steel performances according to the sampling and testing of steel structures offered by independent and expert metallurgical investigation services, run by experienced and qualified consultants.

Scaffsystem also invests in new technologies, new machineries, new learning methods (such as learning by doing). As a result, we constantly invest in on the-job training and off-the-job training for employees as the nature of work is constantly changing and new technologies mean that new work skills are constantly required.