Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

RINA ISO 9001:2015, EN 1090-1:2009/A1:2011

Scaffsystem pursues its own goals of excellence in cooperation with global major players such as RINA for the testing, inspection and certification of its own quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and its own production process according to EN 1090- 1:2009/A1:2011.

Moreover, Scaffsystem works with scientific laboratories specialised in testing construction materials for stress tests, resilience tests on steels to guarantee that all structures are always providing safety and high-quality performances at the maximum extent.

Quality for us also implies the use of steels with special protection coatings, every time that increased resistance to corrosion is required for constructions.

As to anti-seismic design, Scaffsystem provides several solutions for residential housing and industrial buildings designed in compliance with the most up-to-date antiseismic criteria and legislation. Our technical department focuses on the fittest solutions to guarantee mechanical joints capable of facing seismic loads as far as structural connections are concerned: between vertical and horizontal components, cladding and beams, side cladding and loadbearing structure, foundations and pillars.