Company philosophy

Company philosophy

From design for industrial warehouse to architectural projects: out factory is an open space

Scaffsystem designs and produces industrial warehousing buildings, storage systems, mezzanines, steel structures for industrial logistics and architectural projects.

Our mission is to create positive solutions to provide harmonious and efficient ways of interaction between people and products within corporate contexts and beyond.

New needs and trends are leading to innovative and renewed applications for our systems, which are becoming leading players of an innovative architecture of the present, by combining seismic safety criteria.

Speaking about companies means speaking about different global visions and ways of getting involved with economical and social life, based upon each specific corporate management’s identity and mentality.

People have been at the centre of out work for more than three generations

At Scaffsystem we like using the term “factory” to refer to our company, as this word conveys a mixture of experiences, life stories, evolutions, work processes, social conquests and much more.

Our factory is an open and live space, it welcomes visitors, it listens and speaks, it is a space where our knowledge and relations are valued to keep a constant and fruitful dialogue with National and International business contexts.

Our factory moves from people, as they have been at the centre of our work for more than three generations: partners with whom we create our own development by sharing goals and commitment or clients to whom we provide up-to-date and innovative solutions for the most cost-effective use of their own space.

Moreover, the factory is always open to young people, here we like telling them about our work and about the world that will soon be theirs too, as we provide them with some awareness and confidence into the future.


Once again we open our doors to young people to discuss with them about how to combine creativity and technologyin entrepreneurial projects, how to apply a business model to innovative ideas to let them grow.

We welcome them to get an International experience in Scaffsystem company by joining the Summer Academy by CREA, a project we organize in cooperation with Polytechnic of Milan, European Commission and Ostuni Town Administration.