Nowadays architectural trends are changing very fast, as a growing number of designers and technicians are using steel for their projects providing solutions for modern residential and industrial architecture

Within this dynamic context, Scaffsystem supports architects, engineers and technicians as an all-round partner thanks to its structural steel solutions and a wide range of modular and flexible proposals, based upon the use of its light and cold-formed steel profiles of “STRUCTURA” line.

Our production includes mezzanine systems, industrial buildings, residential buildings and special projects, as steel offers several possibilities of expression.

Our solutions are based upon the use of the innovative construction method called “STRUCTURA”, according to a mechanical standardization: all the components are produced off-site, while on site you only need to assemble them with dry methods and bolted connections, also as far as cladding solutions are concerned. Basically, Scaffsystem provides a Meccano system, where modularity and aesthetical values are preserved and extremely valued.

Moreover, it turns out to be a live configuration thanks to a constant research and development activity, just as live as home and office spaces should be, at the same time ensuring structural lightness, fast and cost-effective installation, anti-seismic design, easy integration with wiring and cables thanks to perforated profiled beams.

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